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Home CleanseA few of you shared that you could relate to my last post on redefining riches. Being constantly bombarded with materialism, it can be challenging to remember that abundance is an inside job.

One of things I mentioned in that post is that I would like to have a new house. And to that, my dear and wise friend Michael suggested I give my current home a cleanse. Love this!! Seems he had the same new home desires, which led him to the idea of a home cleanse. Here’s what he had to say:

“I realized that there are plenty of things I could do (some must do things) that would increase my love and happiness for the space I currently call home. Some of those things are relatively simple and essential for energy and joy, like cleaning the clutter to reduce stress and keep the place peaceful. There are many other “embellishments” that would add “sparkle” and make the place “fresh” or “new” feeling again. That is what redecorating and home improvements are all about. However, if money is a limiting factor, just focus on the cleanse… A home cleanse. Clutter is a major source of stress and going beyond the junk, there may be some things of value that can be sold or donated to charity. That is a win-win.

Sometimes you can just move furnishings into a different layout and improve a space. Professional decorators are famous for this trick. The same piece of furniture in a different position or in a different room works in a way it didn’t before. 

Besides that there are so many low-cost upgrades that can make a huge difference. The easiest, least expensive and most popular ones I know of are paint, window treatments, new bedding or new towels. House plants are another great one for many people because it brings nature and life indoors, filters the air we breathe, etc.

So, if you want my recommendation… Clean your house, get rid of the clutter, paint the walls and by some new bed sheets or comforter. Ironically, you would probably have to do those things if you were going to make the place attractive in order to sell it to someone else! Imagine you were selling your home in 30 days and make a fix-up list. Go ahead and do all those things for YOU. I’ll bet you find yourself happier living right in the space you are now, but it will feel brand new again.”

Thanks Michael – while I’m at it I think I’ll do a car cleanse as well!

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