Tasting Energy

Tasting EnergyAs you know, I’m big into purification – spiritual, emotional and physical. The last few years I’ve been really focused on the physical. I’ve always exercised and eaten healthy, but I started to feel the need to release some deeper toxins and congestion. I began fasting one day every week or two, which is a great practice. But for whatever reason – I’m chalking it up to summertime – I haven’t felt inspired to fast the past couple of months.

However, I do feel strangely pure and I think I know why… For the past year or so I’ve been drinking a spinach smoothie most mornings. I know it sounds frightening, but if you add some frozen bananas (you freeze in a ziplock), blueberries, strawberries and rice milk, it’s delicious. When I drink this greenish, purplish concoction I feel like I’m pouring life directly into my body.

For some of you this probably sounds incredibly basic, but it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that smoothies have changed my life. They have helped me learn to “taste” energy. These days if I come across something – say, a white bun on a veggie burger – I can’t eat it because I can’t taste the energy in it!

I’m now convinced that eating food that is bursting with nutrients and energy allows the body to naturally release old toxins because its getting what it really needs. Further, our cells get in touch with their inner voice and scream when we threaten to give them something that will compromise their vitality.

So, if you’re looking to physically purify, I would encourage you to incorporate fruit and vegetable smoothies into your morning. It’s a delicious way to start the day and the simplest purification tip I’ve ever come across!

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  1. Great to have your smoothie recipe in writing! I completely agree with this blog. After reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan (a must read, by the way), my eating habits have slowly changed. The biggest change is that I don’t eat anything artificial. In addition, I eat mostly whole wheat, buy organic when possible and have incorporated more vegetables into my diet. It has been a slow gradual change, but it has been much easier for me to maintain my weight, even though I eat a lot, including fattening things like butter (as you know) and ice cream. I feel like my body just knows what to do with the foods that I eat. Anyways, to make a long story short, when I returned from Europe this year, I was really craving my oatmeal with berries and walnuts for breakfast and humus with spinach salad for dinner. In the past when I returned from Europe, I really craved New York style pizza and -believe it or not- McDonalds. I’m so glad those days are over with!!!

    Comment by Kristine — August 5, 2010 @ 4:30 pm

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