Free Your Love

Love has a mind of its own. For those who have refined their lower impulses – thereby not losing vital energy on drama and compulsions – life energy is able to rise up within to the level of the heart where it takes on the quality of love.

When it reaches this level it is no longer possessive or exclusive, rather it is free and inclusive. It spontaneously reaches out to metaphorically kiss random people, animals, and various objects of affection. It is often surprising to see where love chooses to go, and it is always extremely gratifying. Compassion fills your body and you feel boundary-less.

In order for your love to be free, unhealthy attachments need to be released. Connections with others are beautiful and natural, but sometimes we get confused and believe that we need people to act a certain way in order to experience well-being. Be entirely honest with yourself – are you okay, even wonderful, despite whether people choose do what you want them to or not? If the answer is yes, then your love is free, if the answer is no, then the life and love within you needs to become more valuable than the forms that surround you.

Unhealthy attachments to food, substances or negative behaviors also need to be released so that vital energy doesn’t get sucked into a self-defeating vortex prior to reaching your heart center. This is accomplished by choosing inner peace over immediate gratification.

The highest nourishment, joy and fulfillment is awaiting – so free your love – and watch in amazement as it jumps out of you in the most unexpected places.

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  1. I like this article a lot. I feel like whenever my love is spontaneous, I am at my most inner peace

    Comment by Devin P — September 17, 2010 @ 8:56 am

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