Essentialization – Moving closer to one’s essence.

For those of you who have not read Portals of Peace, the definition of essentialization came to me in a dream exactly how it appears above. Soon after having the dream, an entire model of the psyche came into my awareness. There is the unhealed psyche (socialized) and the healed psyche (essentialized).

The socialized psyche is divided between the suppressed self and the presenting self – these two battle constantly as the contents of the buried self continuously try to surface in order to be released. All of us start out with a socialized psyche. In fact, it is necessary to suppress certain impulses and emotions in order to grow up in a society with rules and expectations.

At a point however, a split psyche no longer serves us and we are called to integrate the two. This integration process is what I call essentialization.

Here are the five steps to essentialization:

  • Charge – Connect to your true essence daily.
  • Alchemy – Allow the spirit within you to burn through any blocks that conceal your essence.
  • Shed – Release congestion and patterns associated with your ego/socialized self.
  • Embody – Embody your entire unique essence, for there is only one you!
  • Express – Share your unique gifts, talents, love and joy with the world. This is how we heal ourselves and the world simultaneously.

What stage of essentialization are you in? These stages can occur simultaneously and in any order. They also occur more than once as we move like a spiral into the heart of who we really are. I recently went through a powerful shedding stage, which allowed me to let go of some very old fears and insecurities. In place of these inhibiting energies is more love, joy and a newfound conviction about the life I’m meant to live.

I would love to support you on your path to essentialization in any way I can. Your original brand of essence brings beauty and grace into the world. I celebrate You!

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