Energy of Commitment

We are living in an age of non-commitment. Whether it be a new relationship, a job, or even a New Year’s Resolution, it’s common to think, “Let’s wait and see how it goes.”

Spiritual law tells us to “go with the flow.” Psychology speaks of “radical self-care.” These philosophies encourage us to be true to ourselves above all else. But if we’re not careful, we can take this approach too far and forget that the energy of commitment is required in order for something to succeed, and that the very act of “waiting to see…” can undermine the ultimate success of a new relationship or goal.

The energy of commitment within a relationship or collaboration is very much like the witness energy within an individual. When we invoke the inner witness, we observe our behavior – good, bad and otherwise – through the eyes of our higher self or spirit. The witness shines a light on the behavior, feeding what is good and transforming all that’s not. It is impossible to transform a bad habit in the absence of light. It is impossible, for example, to try and change an aspect of yourself if every time it happens you disconnect from your higher self and go swim in a pool of guilt.

Commitment is the same. It acts as a connection to another person or project that remains intact when things are going good and when they’re not. Over time, the light of commitment seeps down into the fragile areas of your union and makes it strong. Without it, this witness energy is pulled back in the presence of weakness, creating a lack of nourishment and causing whatever is weak to grow weaker.

Creating abundant health, enduring love, and a passionate career requires an unwavering commitment that remains present and intact even when things don’t feel so good. Life has no choice but to sprout and grow under these conditions. The energy of life is the source of all that’s good. Commitment feeds your passions the life they need to grow into their full and beautiful potential.

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