Message from Heaven

The last 20 years of my life – almost half, yikes! – have been dedicated to seeking growth and freeing my spirit. Those of you who share this pursuit know that it can get messy when you really look at yourself and face the endless opportunities for refinement.

And although I take this journey very seriously, I’d like to share a message that has come to me in the wake of my beloved brother-in-law’s passing. The message is this: Nothing – except love – is a big deal.

Not love for a particular person or pursuit either. Just the act of love. The extension of tolerance, acceptance, patience, and kindness in the name of love for anyone and everyone who crosses your path.

When we get to heaven – and I do unequivocally believe in the afterlife, and prior lives for that matter – We will clearly see and feel the utter meaninglessness of EVERYTHING except the love and light that we extend on a moment by moment basis.

This revelation has helped me to not take myself so seriously. We can either be perennially distracted by all of our specific ideas about the way things “should” be, or we can accept them the way they are with a light-hearted preference for what we want, while remaining open and loving NO MATTER WHAT.

This message feels rather revolutionary for me and I hope it inspires freedom in your heart and soul because life goes on… and on… and on… so why not just fly freely now rather than wait until we’re no longer in a body and realize all the time we wasted on things that don’t matter?

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