Human Magnetism

According to the World Health Organization, magnetic fields are created when electric current flows. The stronger the current, the stronger the magnetism.

The people who are most charismatic – most magnetic – have a strong current of life energy moving through them. Their ability to attract comes from the abundant energy that they naturally channel, which is based on three factors: integrity, clarity and passion.

The root word of integrity is integer, which means whole or complete. Wholeness is needed for energy to flow. The opposite of wholeness and integrity in a human being is fragmentation and division. This makes sense because when we make choices that are in alignment with our core values we become wholly integrated – a vessel without cracks, leaks or holes (the opposite of holy).

Clarity is the absence of emotional and physical congestion that tends to obstruct energy flow. I’ve found that emotional and physical congestion intertwine and that when we emotionally cleanse, it is natural to lose weight and crave cleaner living, and when we physically cleanse, we process old, stuck emotions as well. In other words, we can move toward clarity from any direction!

Passion channels life energy in a focused direction. Whether it is directed toward a person, a career or a hobby, passion turns a flowing stream into a raging river and raises magnetism.

Authentic magnetism is what gives us the ability to attract and what makes us genuinely attractive. Icing on the cake? The feeling that comes from life energy flowing through us at a high rate is joy and exhilaration.  Sounds like fun!

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