Are you in to manifesting? There’s a lot of confusion about how to reach your dreams. Here’s an acronym that came to me when I was journaling about the topic: CREATE!

CCelebrate what you already have. Gratitude opens your inner portal so that you are able to abundantly receive magnetic life energy.

RReceive divine guidance. Take time each day to connect with your spirit and identify your highest desires and the specific actions to take to move toward them.

EElevate above negativity. Keep your vibration high! Even the strongest desires tend to get bogged down with emotional drama and negative thinking.

AAct on impulses. The moment you get hit with an idea, act on it! Don’t second guess yourself or procrastinate. The energy of inspiration infuses your actions with power.

TTiming. Honor divine timing and learn whatever lesson is in front of you. Often times, we need refinement before we are ready for our desires.

E Emulate Success – The best way to lift ourselves and others up is to graciously receive and demonstrate our gifts, talents and progress.

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