The Upward Ascent

Evolution is an upward ascent that can get tricky and even sticky at times, but the further we go, the better life gets.  As we walk this journey together, it’s helpful to be aware of the sticky spots – the places where it’s easy to get stuck. In my experience there are three major areas that will surely pull us down if we don’t carefully navigate and rise above them.

The first sticky spot we encounter on this journey is sensual temptation. The unmistakable feeling we get from boozing it up, eating a huge and sublimely sweet ice cream sundae, or hopping in the sack with that forbidden someone. Being a person who favors integration over renunciation, I’m not saying that any of these things are bad… That is until we impulsively indulge one too many times and the special something or someone suddenly becomes our favorite go-to high. Voila, we’re stuck. Navigating this area involves refining our impulsive drive for immediate gratification – firmly saying “NO” to the wild animal within that would tear into our favorite indulgence time after time, only to become more out of control.

Once we tame our inner wild animal and learn how to enjoy life’s pleasures without them owning us, we move on to the next level or opportunity for ascent. This is where we are faced with our limiting attachments, which on the surface, make us feel secure, but in reality keep us tethered. They can come in the form of a relationship, a job, or any situation in life that you’ve been feeling overly attached to and somewhat trapped by. The way to tell if your stuck here is to see how you feel when you contemplate moving on, setting a boundary, or simply standing up for yourself.  If you’re crippled with fear by the mere thought of making a change then you can be sure that this attachment is holding you back.

Releasing attachments calls for the courage to do what you know you need to do but are terrified to do it. Once you’ve invoked your inner lion or lioness and shed what’s binding yet comfortable, you will rise to the next level. Ultimately you’ll stumble upon the very sticky place of  conditional love. Moving beyond this point is challenging and therefore very rare. Until then, we love a person when they act “right” and reject them when they don’t. Choosing to love a person no matter what they say or do comes from the ability to see with Compassion Vision. Compassion Vision is a gift we receive once we reach the point on our journey where we are able to look at a situation from above and see the bigger picture. Knowing that everyone does their best from where they are at any given moment, we are able to love them no matter what. Sometimes we have to part ways and take a different route, but when we do, it is in love and we allow them the freedom to go their own way while we continue on our journey.

The upward ascent requires perseverance and courage, but those of us who walk this path make it a little smoother for those who follow.

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