Bin Laden Dead… I’m Confused

“Mommy they killed Bin Laden!” My daughter rushes into the living room to tell me the news. “It’s all over Facebook!”

My face must have dropped because she said, “What’s wrong?” Something akin to sadness washed over me when I heard the news. I had the same feeling when I read that Kadhafi’s youngest son and three grandchildren were killed in a NATO air strike.

What is happening here? Sure feels like world war to me.

911 was tragic. We needed to capture Bin Laden. He needed to be done. Kadhafi needs to be done. People cannot kill other people without retribution… Or can they? WHY ARE WE KILLING SO MANY PEOPLE?

We need to be done too. What ever happened to prisons? Trials? I know it’s going to be necessary to lose lives sometimes, but so many? And so much rejoicing over an other’s death. I’m confused. I’m sad.

Where do you think the energy of an evil person goes when they die? I’d rather let them sit in jail for a lifetime and contemplate their actions. Perhaps spirit will have an opportunity to refine and transmute the darkness as they become aware. Maybe not, I know. But for some, it would.

I would not wish the 911 attacks on anyone. They were horrible and are etched in my memory as deeply as everyone else’s. I’m just concerned that we are perpetuating violence. I like what Jimmy Carter is doing through the Carter Center. He communicates. Listens. Connects. Negotiates. And probably prays.

That’s what I’m doing now. Praying. I pray for all of us to be peace. To find another way to stop the madness.

I honor President Obama and our troops. I bless all who have lost loved ones in terrorist attacks. I pray for the elevation and healing of all souls on this strange and confusing day.

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  1. My precious Michelle~~~Good MONDAY Morning to You, My Friend. I stop by this day, to affirm Your message (& share Your confusion). I pray that We, who walk in LIGHT, will CHOOSE to shine this LIGHT on/in the darkness. I pray that We, will CHOOSE PEACE within & in so doing…extend its essence to the UNIVERSE. Invoking the “Prayer for Protection”, I offer You a loving HUG of PEACE, dear Michelle. NAMASTE!!!

    Comment by Rev. DonnaChristine Park — May 2, 2011 @ 4:11 pm

  2. Adalen came home today to tell me another child wrote on the board about his Monday; “Marvelous Monday- Bin Laden is dead!” & the teacher high fived him. What?? Since when do we teach our children it is okay to hate & be rewarded, especially in front of other children. I hope other countries know this is not a feeling many of us here in the US share. Very disturbing. All we can do is start at home by teaching our children it is not our place to judge another life here on earth.

    Comment by Sarah Sanmarco-Applewhite — May 2, 2011 @ 10:26 pm

  3. Thank you Rev. DonnaChristine and Sarah for your thoughts. Your example and words of wisdom lift us all up. Adalen and Anna both have moms who will talk to them about more loving ways to view the world. God Bless!

    Comment by Kimberly Kingsley — May 2, 2011 @ 11:17 pm

  4. I believe that the ways energy manifests itself through a human being are unique compared to other living and non-living stuff that makes up the universe. What we interpret as good and evil are our own ways we are choosing to utilize or manifest life energy. I do not believe that energy itself can possess or contain any human qualities outside of a living human being. We are stardust. Energy can be positive or negative, in physical, magnetic and molecular ways. That’s another subject, but don’t confuse molecular energy with mortal energy.

    I do not think that the evil in a person like Osama Bin Laden would have been reconciled by a life sentence in jail. I deeply appreciate your universal love for humanity, but do not let that perspective dilute the practical clarity a love-filled heart needs in order to be wary of evil in this mortal world we live in. A man who is pleased and unremorseful after manifesting the mass-murder of innocent people is not going to rehabilitate himself or transform after profound self-reflection. However, the killing of that person is not simply retribution or karma. Let me explain my thoughts further…

    I simply do not agree with the perspective you suggested about evil energy that we must contend with after he is dead. The energy was evil only because he chose to manifest it that way. Now that he is dead, the energy is… just energy.

    The energy of the universe is pure. Good and evil are human, mortal consequences. As human beings we transform the pure energy of the universe into good, or (unfortunately) evil. No baby is ever born on planet earth to begin a life with the human characteristics of hate or prejudice in their heart or mind.

    I think there are some instinctive powers of nature that gives us (and other living things) a tendency towards ethnocentricity and a self-preserving innate fear of things unfamiliar, but that’s about it. Those natural human instincts are actually pathways for evil to infiltrate the mind of an otherwise good-hearted human being.

    It is sad that any human being would choose to use the energy of life for purposes of evil, especially in the context of the fractional second we are alive here on earth in galactic terms.

    There is no joy in one human taking the life of another, but I hope you and your daughter find some solace in the fact that when a human being is so consumed with using life energy in evil ways such as to commit acts of murder, the person (or people) responsible for that evil energy need to be quite literally extinguished.

    “Why?” Because if evil energy goes unchecked, it will expand and grow and that leads to days like September 11th. Thankfully, energy that is positive and good, expands and grows the same way.

    I am not happy that we (the nation of the United States) had to kill Osama Bin Laden yesterday, but I am happy he is dead… Because it ends the evil he was continuing to manifest here on earth. He transformed his life energy into an extraordinary amount of evil… Not only through actions, but also by continuing to promote and symbolically endorse those ideologies of hatred, prejudice and fear… Projecting that evil energy into the hearts of many young men and women. That evil continues to exist today, but it will now require those individuals to manifest it with other like-minded individuals and from within themselves. Unfortunately, some surely will.

    As human beings, we must collectively (every nation, religion and ethnicity) choose to disallow anyone to perpetuate ideologies of hatred, prejudice and fear. That is something worthy of our prayers and actions if you want to help transform this world into a better place than you found it.

    I will teach my children to understand that the energy of life is pure, but as humans, each of us has the power to use it for good or evil.

    Comment by Michael Herzog — May 3, 2011 @ 4:34 am

  5. Beautifully put Michael. It feels like there is much truth in what you’re saying. I do believe that the soul – infused with karma and dark energy – does live on, but that said, I think it has the possibility of transmuting on the other side of this material veil as well. Good point about raw life energy being pure and positive. Thanks for writing:)

    Comment by kkingsley — May 3, 2011 @ 6:04 pm

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