Where does our own free will end and God’s will begin?

The message contained in The Secret has blasted through the collective consciousness telling us we can have anything we want using the power of our thoughts.

This leaves many of us scratching our heads…Well, can I play basketball like Michael Jordan? I’m pretty sure in my case, that’s a no. So where does our will collide with God’s?

Here’s a thought – It’s All God’s Will. Our only choice is whether or not to accept it. God is synonymous with life. Life is all there is and it is abundant and everywhere. So what if the only real choice we make is to receive or reject life in each moment?

The choices we make in the outer world are endless and as long as we say yes to God or Life on the inside, the outer circumstances naturally fall into place!

This perspective is liberating in that it takes the pressure off the question, “Is this the right choice for me?” Who Cares! We make choices to the best of our ability while remaining steadfastly committed to (married to) the life that’s always trying to move through us.

We are supported by life in two ways. First, it does give us intuitive direction – ALWAYS. When we are connected to it, we hear, see and feel the next right move. Second, It goes before us and “makes the crooked place straight.” So if a situation isn’t right, we are guided in a different direction or the situation transforms to accommodate more life.

It’s ultimately all God’s will and what we choose to do with it is not as important as we think.

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