I’m no stranger to obsessive thinking. It runs in my family and is something that I have to be careful to avoid. A few days ago, I fell into one of those mental whirlpools and was struggling to get out. I decided to surrender and consciously give my problem over to Life/God or whatever you want to call the organizing force of the universe. The energy swirling around my head dropped down into my belly and I felt a sense of integration. It occurred to me that the power of surrender is in the peace of integration. It is a choice to move from being scattered to whole. Being whole and at peace, we are able to easily receive the solution as soon as it’s baked and ready to be digested!

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  1. Yes indeed… Half-baked solutions do not digest well. Trust your gut.

    Comment by Michael — July 20, 2012 @ 12:33 am

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