Most of us think of enlightenment as an arduous journey up a very steep and treacherous mountain, but what if becoming enlightened is as natural as growing from a two year old to a twenty year old?

I believe that it is. That allowing light to penetrate, fill and emanate from your cells is a process no different from maturation. If this is the case, then why do so few of us reach enlightenment? Because the mountain we are asked to climb is within – the jagged edges of anger, the slippery slope of grief, the sheer cliff of fear… It is often easier to retreat into the nearest cave and sip on vodka than to traverse the landscape of our own psyche and overcome all that sits where light is supposed to shine.

My hope for  you this holiday season is that you perceive your own light so clearly that all behaviors that distract you from it lose their appeal and even seem boring. When this becomes true, enlightenment is inevitable.

God bless you and yours.


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