Five Years from 2020

Have you thought about the fact that in only five years we will have arrived at the year 2020?

A friend of mine and author of Awakening Oneself, Jeff Geiser, suggests that we all write down the vision that we have for ourselves in 2020. Most of us know that it’s good practice to write down your goals and dreams, but it seems particularly powerful to do so for the year 2020. As Jeff suggests, it is now that we have 20/20 vision about where we want to be in the future.

That said, our world is changing faster than ever and in my opinion, goal setting doesn’t work in quite the same way that it used to. Nothing is static for more than 30 seconds these days, so we must constantly flex with the times and the shifting desires within our own hearts. What we want for ourselves today may not feel right tomorrow.

I wrote out my 2020 ( 20/20) vision today and would like to encourage you to do the same. I intend to visit my vision often and modify it any time my desires shift.

Happy Manifesting!



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