How to Silence Your Inner Critic

According to Albert Einstein, you can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. Silencing your inner critic is no different. One’s inner critic is a product of the ego – the persona that we create in order to best survive in this world. Some aspects of the ego can be healthy, but the inner critic is not one of them.

There is a way to replace the voice inside your head that constantly tells you that you’re not good enough with a voice that continuously encourages and validates you. And that is by cultivating a relationship with the level of yourself that is deeper than your ego and more reflective of who you really are. We’ve all had encounters with this aspect of ourselves. Perhaps while sitting on the beach and feeling a sense of well-being so strong that it feels in that moment that nothing could shake you out of your bliss. Or perhaps in a moment where you feel overwhelming compassion for another human being to the extent that you are no longer aware of the plethora of distractions that usually occupy your mind.

How do you begin to tune in to this more loving voice? By making an effort to get to know this part of yourself with the following three steps:

1. Breathe
2. Ask
3. Listen

The first step is to consciously breathe. This means that you breathe a little deeper than usual and focus on your breath instead of the constant chatter in your head. Take a minute or two in the morning, afternoon and evening to do this. Each time you become aware of your breath, you quiet your inner critic.

The next step is to begin asking your essential self questions. For example, “How should I handle my debt?” You will be amazed. You will actually begin to hear or feel the answers to your questions at the oddest times!

The last step is to take time to actively listen to your essential self. You may not even hear or feel anything at first, but just spending time in a receptive state helps you learn how to tune into this deeper part of yourself.

Shifting your attention from the part of you that’s critical to the part of you that’s loving becomes easier with time and is well worth the effort!

This article comes from a new column on personal growth, which shares expert’s opinions on various topics. This weeks topic is how to silence your inner critic. To see what the other voices have to say on the topic, check out here.


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