The Mystery of Love

the mystery of love


What is love? Love is the energy of life moving through your heart and toward the object of your affection.

Self-love is no different. We love ourselves when we allow life energy to fill us up from the inside to the point that it overflows into the world. From an energy perspective, there is no way to really love another without loving yourself first.

Many of us are so used to subtly rejecting ourselves that we’ve forgotten how to allow the energy of life to penetrate our hearts. Before loving energy can even reach the heart, we  resist and block it with judgments about ourselves. Self-rejection is so subtle that it’s often automatic and unconscious.

Don’t worry about trying to love every aspect of your personality and body. That’s a waste of time. Simply begin to practice allowing. Sit in silence for a few moments every day and focus on creating an atmosphere of love within yourself. This loving environment invites life energy to enter and gently open you up from the inside.

If you make this a habit your life will transform. You will have more energy, more intuition, and one day you will look in the mirror and know that you are worthy of all the love you can handle.


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