Open Letter to the Ego

Dear Ego,

Your unending and ruthless pursuit of more is ruining the lives of precious human beings, alienating important allies, destroying delicate eco-systems and forcing the planet into a chronic state of fight or flight.

You are hereby on notice. You are no longer in charge. If you choose to cling to that which was never yours in the first place, I will rush in with the force of a tsunami and destroy you. 

From this point forward, decisions will be made in accordance with my laws. You are invited to embrace these laws and willingly transform, and while this level of fundamental reorganization is sure to be disruptive, it will not compare to the pain you will endure should you choose to decline this offer.

Sincerely, Life

Above is an open letter to the collective ego and all who have chosen the path of accumulating wealth and power at the expense of others. It has become painfully evident that the economic, societal and biological systems that are designed to sustain us are on the verge of disintegrating like a delicate leaf that has gone too long without water.

At this point, those who are consciously choosing usurp resources and covertly manipulate outcomes are experiencing a jolt that can either be ignored or heeded as the serious wake-up call that it is, for the power that we’ve harnessed for our own gain has built up to the point that it is now turning against us.

The message of the wake-up call is this: Life has it’s own agenda that will no longer be ignored. The biological function of all living things is to extend—to sustain itself through procreation, pollination, innovation and all forms of authentic self-expression. When we align with our biological purpose, we are supported by every living system on our planet.

For too long, the ego’s agenda has been overriding the organic nature of life. The ego, rather than creating, consumes. Rather than authentically expressing, it manipulates for its own gain.

This monstrous energy vortex, fed by select individuals and institutions, is beginning to lose momentum. The weakening of all ego-based systems is, in part, due to the rise of transparency the internet has afforded. Information at the center of corruption is increasingly leaked, causing power built on secrets to deflate. Then there’s the consciousness movement, which is opening eyes all over the world thereby giving rise to increased integrity and the courage to address issues and policies that are destructive.

Ultimately, it is neither transparency or the voice of consciousness that will put us on a sustainable path. It is life itself that will force a shift. The devastation from climate change has a louder voice than any environmental group.

And karma, well, it’s real. What we give is what we get, because that too is a law of life. And because innovation has accelerated change to dizzying speeds, karma is moving faster too. Those who spew hate must swim in it—there is simply no way to generate this gravity of heaviness and rise above it at the same time.

For better or for worse, life is making this shift for us. Perhaps we are in a womb of transformation right now and will later see this time in history as another dark age. But it’s more likely that things will get worse before they get better. There is only one way to navigate this uncharted territory and that is by staying in alignment with the rules of life:

  • Be Authentic 
  • Be Transparent
  • Innovate
  • Share Goodness
  • Live Sustainably

We can’t fight the ego, as this will only feed energy to the systems that need to further weaken in order to transform. Instead, we will be best served by calmly calling out injustice and planetary abuse the same way we would address a teenager stealing a candy bar from a grocery store.




Be prepared for the biggest reorganization the world has ever seen. Make no mistake about it, life will realign every system that is built on greed. On the other side of this transformation is innovation that supports elevation for all. And those who will rise to the top will have been on the side of life.


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