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Being a student and teacher of personal growth for over twenty years has taught me one thing: The journey never ends. We are always learning. My journey began with a spiritual awakening in my late twenties, which prompted me to return to school for a Master’s Degree in Counseling.

Today I enjoy a career as a writer, speaker, counselor and energy coach. My passion is helping people understand the connection between energy and psychology: that point of power where patterns are easily transformed. In addition to my training in psychology, I am blessed to have clear intuition, which helps me see things in a unique way – energetically.

In my latest book, Modern Hippie: An Intuitive Journey Toward a Free-Spirited Life, I share my story of growth and the many insights I’ve had along the way. My experience is that every life has a theme. My theme is peace, and in teaching peace, I’ve learned it. My books give practical insights on how to cultivate wellness within oneself and in the relationships that are most important to you.

My four books are available in print or as eBooks, and The Energy Cure is now available as an audiobook! And most recently, I’m a proud contributor of two programs (Energy 101 & The Mystery of Attraction) for the Mindsail Wellness App.

I welcome the opportunity to connect with you via email or social media. Wishing you ease and inspiration as you travel through this journey called life.


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