There is nothing more fulfilling than a life characterized by flow.


The following talks and workshops are a great way to inspire and recharge participants:
  • Unplug and Recharge: Cultivating Mindfulness in an Era of Connectivity
  • Energy, Motivation & Inspiration
  • Mastering Flow for Extreme Agility
All programs are customized to fit the needs of the audience.

Happy Customers

“Kimberly offered both practical tips and meaningful insights to the audience and peppered her delivery with appropriate humor and anecdotes that kept the audience rapt for almost an hour.”

Maggies Place Fundraiser

“Kimberly’s talk was fresh, insightful and inspiring. Her magnanimous spirit comes through equally as powerful in her talks as it does in her writings.”

Arizona Department of Peace

I welcome the opportunity to have Kimberly speak for us in the future and recommend her to anyone who’s looking for someone to deliver a dynamic, engaging and heartfelt talk.

Maricopa Community Colleges