There is nothing more fulfilling than a life characterized by flow.


I'm working on a new project that I'm so excited about that I wanted to share! Earlier in the year I was contacted by a start-up company that's creating a wellness app of coaches giving short audible sessions on different topics

There's a wave of energy in 2016 that is going to uplift those of us who have done the work of untangling from relationship drama and focusing on heart-based personal growth. Many of us have built a strong container for

The Modern Hippie way of life is very simple, intuitive and fun! We prefer to love others rather than getting tangled up in endless power struggles. We value freedom and therefore follow our bliss. And we choose to ride the wave of life

5 Signs that You are a Flower Child Whatever happened to the glory days of the sixties when love was free and hippies sat on grassy fields all across America pondering the nature of life? Are hippies back? I don't know about Have you fully received all the blessings in your life? There is so much more waiting for you, but until you appreciate and absorb what you already have, there won't be space for what's to come.