Personal Energy Inventory


Discover Your Flow Quotient

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I practice some form of spirituality or mindful meditation daily.

I take deep, full breaths throughout the day.

I trust my instincts and intuition.

I have a strong set of core values that guide my life choices.

I am aware of my inner state (thoughts and feelings).

I know how to change my thinking in order to change my mood.

I am able to contain intense emotions when necessary.

I strive to process my feelings rather than stuff or ignore them.

I make sure to get enough sleep.

I exercise regularly.

I am mindful about my food choices.

I am able to defer immediate gratification in favor of long-term wellbeing.

I fully engage with whomever is in front of me.

I am a good listener

I am willing to have a difficult conversation in order to resolve a conflict.

I am able to say no to people and activities that drain me.

I have identified that which gives my life purpose and meaning.

I spend time cultivating my skills in order to move toward mastery.

I freely extend kindness and praise to those around me.

I engage in activities that put me into a state of flow.